February 20, 2012


And she has him down!

Love sweet love!

What a good brother!!


Ahhh. My sweet cowboy. He is just about the best thing ever!

Him and Daddy playing at the park.

Hiding from Daddy.

School Christmas Elf.

LOL!!! Him and Aunt Jenny playing "ranchin". She is such a good sport!

Mimi and the big boy!

He got a haircut and he was trying to admire himself.

He knows the way to his Mama's heart!

Him and some of his friends.

This pic is poor quality but so cute. He was having a hard time going to bed and when it finally got quiet, I went to check on him and he had fallen asleep in a toy bin from under his bed.

All cowboy in his Daddy's boots.

This was at Mimi and Papa's house. He was supposed to be getting ready for bed.....


She is getting to be so big! She just turned 3 in November and she is loving school! She has really done so well since she started there and her teachers are amazing and Ladybug is doing so many exciting things! I am just going to post several pictures of her because I have not posted in so long.

We were at the hospital. When we left the house were were worried enough to go to the ER. Obviously she was fine...

Sporting some cool shades that Uncle Josh gave her!

So sweet! I love that she has FINALLY started to play with baby dolls!

She is sleeping in her big girl bed. At first she would just keep popping up and eventually she just did this. Sad, but cute.

Purse - check. Naked baby - check.

Crazy girl! She pulled out all her kitchen stuff and wore herself out making such a big mess! She is out like a light!

So, sometimes instead of going to sleep she just gets the giggles. She will just be in her room laughing so hard! It is so funny unless, of coarse, it is 2 or 3 in the morning and she will not stop. In this picture I had finally put her in our bed because one of us needed to get some sleep!

We were on her Polar Express field trip.

Also, Polar Express

Thanksgiving hat she made at school. CUTE!

She had just gotten her glasses.

Her and Jen.

This was on a field trip and I had never seen her eat totally by herself. Silly but such a big deal!

Same Field Trip

She was just dancing like nobody was watching!

April 6, 2011


These are just some pics I thought were cute.

Cowboy and Dom. Cowboy seriously misses his cousin! We hear Dom's name every day.

This is funny. I lay out Jenny's cloths and match the pants with the shirts and pair it all up for her, pajamas included. Sometimes, she just likes to pick it herself and the other day she came out in this. It was just around the house so who cares but it was just funny because she was SO proud of herself!

Nothing makes me smile like Warren playing with the kids. I love it. They love it. It is a beautiful thing.

It is a shame he is so serious! Bahahaha...

He is so good with her!! If you know Cowboy, you know what a big deal that is!

Thank You Warren!!!

You can look below at Ladybug's Birthday Blog and see what it looked like before. Sad. They looked sad. They had already started before we thought to take pics but you can still get the idea. I am so excited and they did such a good job!

Kinda miss the dark color but Warren wanted to make the kitchen lighter and it was really the only thing he had an opinion on so lighter it is. He worked really hard for weeks trying to get things done and it looks so much better! Love that he knows how to do this kind of stuff!

The floors looked like this for OVER A YEAR!

Much better!!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Cowboy's 5th Birthday

So, this year we did something we SWORE we would NEVER do! Cowboy asked for a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party and we caved. I think we will do it every year from now on because it was SOOO much easier than doing everything at home and he LOVED it. Jenny had a lot of fun too. She was SERIOUSLY inappropriate with Mr. Cheese but he survived. Here are some pics of the big birthday boy!

Jenny racing...

Cowboy and his friends...

Cowboy and his cutie patootie cousin!

Cowboy getting ready to be center of attention!

Blowing out his candles....duh.

Getting his Birthday medallion. He was seriously excited!

Everyone clapping for him.

Cowboy singing and dancing with the mouse. Kinda creepy.

Clap Your Hands!!!

Cowboy and Chuck

Some kind of coupon token thing.


Cool batman bucket!

Jenny at the Polar Express!!

Jenny talked about this for WEEKS!!! She got to go with her friends from the CCMRA and she had a ball! "GUESS WHAT!!! I SAW SANTA!!! REALLY! I DID!!" She is so funny...

Jen and one of her friends...

The Polar Express


Terry and Jenny. She does recreation and respit with Jenny and she is sweet as they come. We love her but Jenny REALLY loves her!!